Program Overview

Welcome to the 'Little Black Dress" program.

The design of this program is to give you three weeks to kick-start or re-balance your overall health using dietary changes and movement challenges.

This program does the work for you, it tells you what to do when, and even gives you all of the meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists you will need to complete the whole challenge. Can you make substitutions to the meal plan? Yes, of course you can, but try to stick to whole foods, similar ingredients, and avoid highly processed foods and high sugar foods. All of the recipes are designed to be simple and quick to make, and left-overs are optimized for your busy schedule.

Most people notice improved energy and digestion, better sleep, and better mood by the end of the program, and some even notice some weight, or inches, lost. Weight loss isn't the primary goal of the program, but may be a nice side effect for those looking for it. The important part is feeling better inside and out.

Remember to work week by week through the program, and congratulate yourself on your wins!

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